breathalyzer fail

screengrab via CCTV+/YouTube

His acting is the only thing worse than driving drunk.

Driving while intoxicated is never a good idea, but if you get busted, don’t try to fool the police. You probably couldn’t pull that off if you were sober, let alone when you’re too drunk to drive.

It’s too bad this Chinese motorist didn’t heed that advice, although it’s nice that the incident was captured on video.

His acting gets increasingly worse as he pretends to blow in the device, but the officer is having none of it. No matter what stupid face this guy makes, he’s not letting him off the hook—and some of these faces are really, really, stupid.

At one point he even pulls the mouthpiece off with his teeth, either because he thinks it will break the machine or because, you know, he’s super drunk.

Eventually he must have exhaled by accident, because the machine gets a reading, and behold:

Yeah, 0.191—not only far too drunk to drive, but clearly far too drunk to fool the police. Next time, maybe try taking the bus.

H/T Death and Taxes

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