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‘It is such an effortless-a** job with so many benefits’: Worker shares perks of working at the DoubleTree

‘Rooms for f*cking cheap… free lunch… I get Starbucks.’


Alexandra Samuels

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A TikToker recently gave an overview of the benefits she receives working in the hospitality industry—and now everyone wants to follow suit. 

The video, posted by @vanessaisbeth in late August, has over 1.2 million views and 1,200 comments.

“If you’ve never worked in the hotel industry, let me tell you why you should,” Vanessa starts. She goes on to say that she works at a DoubleTree by Hilton as a front desk agent and is able to get perks, like “rooms for fucking cheap … anywhere in the world,” free lunch, and free Starbucks. 

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“I get to vibe. I get to look pretty,” she says. “It is such an effortless-ass job with so many benefits, but you have to make sure you work for big companies.” 

Vanessa goes on to say that she’s able to juggle having her own business while simultaneously working as a DoubleTree agent.

“These little side hustles? The benefits? It’s like, ‘Girl, I will work there once a month just to get all of them,’” she says, laughing.  

It should come as no surprise, then, that a number of Vanessa’s followers wanted similar gigs.

“Give me all the details,” one user wrote. “Trynna leave my job with NO benefits & not even 8 hours.”

“Any tips on how to get in?” another TikToker commented. 

Others, however, assured viewers that the hotel industry wasn’t as glamorous as Vanessa seemingly made it out to be. Instead, they said that it can be draining and that benefits like the ones Vanessa boasted of aren’t guaranteed. 

“You must work at a really good one, because not all of them are like that. Some are super understaffed,” one user wrote.

“You forgot to mention working weekends or holidays and nights in case someone doesn’t want to or can’t,” a fourth TikToker commented. 

To this comment, Vanessa responded: “It’s honestly the hotel you work for. [M]y old hotels were like this & this one isn’t. I work part time, don’t worry [about] the weekends, no crazy hours.”

Of course, it’s likely that the types of pay and benefits afforded to employees vary across state and location. But that didn’t stop a number of TikTokers from wanting to get out of their current jobs and step into a role similar to Vanessa’s. In one of a number of follow-up videos, Vanessa gives TikTokers tips for getting started in the industry and details on her hourly pay, which she said was $15 per hour.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Hilton and Vanessa for comment.

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