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This is the best group of good dogs we’ve ever seen.

It’s well-known by now that all dogs are good dogs and, boy, is this group of good dogs a very good group of dogs.

Meet Delilah, Asher, Jinx, Mayhem, Chaos, Karma, Destiny, Kizzy, Siri, and Treble.

These 10 dogs only know it’s their turn to go up the stairs when their name is called (well, except for Treble, but he can be forgiven because he is a dog).

Look at them go.

Look at Treble just aching at the paws to go. It’s OK, Treble. We call you last because we love you most.

Also, as noted by my colleague Monica, Jinx, Mayhem, Chaos, and Karma is a murderer’s row of good dog names.

Like a Justice League for pups, basically.

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