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Storm is a very good dog.

When a deer is stranded and sinking in the sea, what’s a good dog to do?

Let it drown, man? No. Why would you even suggest that? What’s wrong with you? The answer is to rescue it, of course.

That’s exactly what happened when Storm, an English golden retriever, saw a fawn flailing in the Long Island Sound by Port Jefferson, New York. He dove in and grabbed the fawn by the scruff of its neck and swam it to safety.

It was a harrowing scene all caught on camera by Storm’s owner, Mark Freeley.

Editor’s note: Dog definitely wasn’t trying to ‘save’ this fawn.

Although the fawn doesn’t appear to come back to life in the video, Feely told CBS New York it did. Except then it ran right back into the water and had to be rescued again. Hey, no one promised a morality tale here where a deer learns its lesson.

This time, Freely and his partner Eric Kutzing had to wade into the water to get the fawn out.

Freely said he couldn’t have saved the deer singlehandedly and instantly had an appreciation for what his (dog) friend had gone through.

“I don’t think I could’ve done it without the help of my partner. I was exhausted … my knee blew out, and I collapsed on the beach,” he said to CBS.

The fawn was diagnosed with an eye injury and is recovering at a nearby animal shelter.

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