dog and koi kiss

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The heart wants what the heart wants.

Sometimes, it’s the most unpredictable couples that are the cutest. That’s what must make this interspecies hook-up so hard to turn away from.

Meet Daisy, a French bulldog who lives in Washington with her human. She has quite the set of eyes.  

The folded under arm means I’m in serious chillin’ mode.

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The pooch’s human also has some koi fish in an outdoor pond. One of these glistening beauties has sure caught Daisy’s eye. His name’s Frank, and he’s quite the looker. Check out how the dog and fish gaze at one another. 

Turns out quite the romance has blossomed between Daisy and Frank. Their human owners have caught the two making out, which is quite the scene especially if you’ve never seen a kiss like this before.

They were caught again just a few days ago really going at it. Like that couple on the garage sofa during a kickback that’s sucking face while everyone’s playing beer pong and talking about AP Biology homework.

Koi lips can be a teensy bit odd at first, but Daisy loves Frank just the way he looks. They can hardly resist the PDA, especially in front of Frank’s finned friends. 

Daisy & Frank making out again. #interspecieslove #doglovesfish #fishlovesdog #daisyandfrank

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Can’t wait for the Save the Date for these two lovebirds—err, lovedog and lovefish?

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