Dear David, the creepy child ghost of a dead boy, allegedly reappeared in Adam Ellis' bedroom.


‘Dear David,’ child ghost haunting NYC apartment, returns in chilling photos

The photos are hair-raising.


Kris Seavers

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The creepy child ghost haunting illustrator Adam Ellis’ New York City apartment is back.

The nightmare Twitter saga dates back to August when Ellis began posting threads describing his encounters with “Dear David,” a dead boy supposedly occupying his apartment and causing all sorts of blood-curdling mayhem. In November, Ellis posted photos allegedly of the specter, and things really took a turn for the scarier. 

Ellis returned to Twitter on Tuesday to post more chilling images of his apartment—and the ghost of Dear David within.

First, Ellis explained he’s been sleeping poorly, having strange dreams, and getting dizzy. It’s not hard to see why. 

At one point, Ellis was using a nanny cam to catch sight of Dear David in his living room. It was the nanny cam that allegedly captured the chair rocking and a turtle shell falling from the wall. But when the apparition appeared in his bedroom, Ellis had to devise a new method for capturing the ghost.

After awaking unsettled, Ellis found 350 photos on his phone, most of his peaceful empty bedroom. Until David appeared.

And then disappeared for about 15 photos—before showing up inches away from Ellis’ face.

The final photo in the camera roll? You don’t want to know.

The image of the ghost’s hair left Ellis speechless.

Whether it’s an elaborate hoax or something more sinister, one thing is for sure—Dear David has the internet hooked.

Follow Ellis’ hair-raising tale from beginning to end here.

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