dancing lizard

@dancinglizardd/Twitter Remix by Jason Reed

This dancing lizard Twitter account is pure joy

Slitherin’ and shakin’.


Brittany Vincent

Internet Culture

This CG lizard is out here gettin’ it, y’all. He’s living his best life while dancing to some of the biggest hits around, and we’re all ready to see more.


The @dancinglizardd Twitter account sprang onto the scene with a GIF of this guy dancing his little heart out to a short snippet of an EDM song (3BallMTY ft. América Sierra & El Bebeto’s “Inténtalo,” to be precise).

The tweet garnered plenty of attention, but that dancing lizard wasn’t done. He then decided he was in an alternative mood, taking on Arctic Monkeys’ “Snap Out of It” and “Fluorescent Adolescent.” The lizard’s dance moves seem to work with every song.

Short, sweet. Simple. Nothing too complicated here. It’s a dancing lizard, what more do you want? The brainchild of @ka92 is pure, unadulterated fun.



In true meme fashion, our little green friend took on “Despacito” too, because why wouldn’t he?


Of course, you know he had to do it to ’em with “Africa,” one of the best songs of our time.


There’s plenty of ’80s appreciation here too, folks.





We stan a dancing lizard with an appreciation for most musical genres. He certainly won’t be dancing to country music any time soon, though.


People can’t get enough of this little guy, either. Can you blame them?




What song will the lizard dance to next? It’s a mystery, as he seems to have quite eclectic tastes. You can suggest your favorite tunes via Twitter, which totally isn’t going to get out of hand or anything.


Dancing video memes never get old, and this one is still in its infancy. So make sure you think of some good stuff for our little green friend to bust out his dance moves with.

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