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Bikini-clad dancer has nothing on this granny’s old-school moves

Two eras collide in this impromptu dance competition.


Chase Hoffberger

Internet Culture

See this granny in the red? This granny used to be somebody. 

She used to be a knockout punch. She used to get up there at some juke joint in St. Petersburg and shake it like like she meant it. But then she got old—and certain parts of her person started heading due south—but the spirit remained the same: Once you get that rhythm in your veins, no matter how young and scandalous the competition, you can’t help but bring the pain.

It’s hard to tell who actually wins this impromptu dance competition somewhere in a city square belonging to either Russia or, based on the writings on the wall, some other former state within the Soviet Union. Is it the granny dressed in a lavish maroon-and-white skirt suit, with close cropped hair and a mean pair of brown flats, or the damsel, the twentysomething shaking her tailfeather in little more than an American flag-style bikini and some knee-high heels? Clearly the two take a few cues from each other. 

Take the arm-jutting breakdown around the :30 mark, for instance: That move’s inspired! It’s a whole lineage thing, from one generation to the next. So’s this whole 1:22 clip—except for that move young damsel pulls around :38. Granny never learned that one.

Photo via Daniel Whitley/YouTube

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