Daily Fluff: Breaking: Pup may refuse second half of biscuit

BREAKING: Pup May Refuse Second Half of Biscuit

In an unprecedented move, Cruz may actually turn down food.

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In what many industry analysts are calling an “unprecedented move,” a pup named Cruz may forgo the second half of a biscuit he was eating earlier this morning.

“I’ve never seen a dog turn down food,” says Jacklyn O’Conner, an eye-witness. “Especially food he was just eating.”

Experts are baffled by Cruz’s behavior. “I mean, most likely he’ll just snatch it right up in another minute or so,” says canine trend watcher Sam Kechner. “But if he doesn’t…well, that changes everything. It could have far-reaching ramifications for dogs everywhere.”

As of this writing, Cruz has yet to make a decision. The Fluffington Post will update this story as it develops.

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