Friend: Pug’s Personalized Home Decor Is...

Kobi’s redecoration includes a 6-foot bronze statue of himself riding a horse.

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When Kobi the pug decided to redecorate his apartment he made the decision to go all in. He commissioned life-size portraits of himself, pillows crafted in his own image and a stunning, albeit slightly creepy, 6-foot-tall bronze statue of himself riding a horse that stands in the foyer. 

Kobi loves the new “me-centric” look. His friends are less enthused.

“Totally tasteless,” was how longtime pal Valerie Hubbard described the new decor. “I mean, the big portrait over the fireplace is a little much, but fine, I can live with that. But every time I go visit Kobi now, I have to literally sit on his face. Nope, I don’t like that at all.”

Via kobi_pug.


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