Daily Fluff: Nikon introduces puppy nose camera lens

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Camera maker Nikon has introduced a new lens made specifically for taking photos of puppy noses. Officially called the “AF Puppy-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8D,” the lens is a modified fisheye that is specially calibrated for nose shots.

“We found that puppy nose photos are much funnier when shot with a fisheye lens,” said Nikon product manager Ashley Ortega. In fact, Nikon’s internal research indicates that fisheye puppy nose shots are 10x funnier than those shot with a macro lens, and 35x funnier than those taken with a standard 50mm lens.

“But fisheye lenses on the market weren’t designed with dog noses in mind,” said Ortega. 

Nikon has spent the past year developing the technology that goes into puppy nose lens — mainly a better autofocus sensor able to deal with the rapid, frenetic movements of puppies.

The lens goes on sale today and retails for $199.99. 

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