Daily Fluff: Cat starts each day with meditation

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Cat Starts Each Day with Meditation
 Zippo the cat...

And now your moment of Zen.

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Zippo the cat needs his 15 minutes of Zen each morning. Each morning before work, he takes some time to meditate and reflect on the upcoming day.

“For awhile he was doing his meditations on the couch, then it was in the tub in the bathroom, now he’s moved to the sunny spot in the living room,” said a source familiar with the situation. “Who knows why. Cats are weird, right?”

According to the source, Zippo needs his meditation to center himself before work.

“His day-to-day mostly involves short bursts of frenetic energy—running up the stairs, around the house, chasing small office supplies he’s batting in front of him, etc.,” the source speculated. “I think he just needs that calming moment before all hell breaks loose.”

Via tommyrumbers.

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