Daily Fluff: Guinea pigs forced to share carrot

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Guinea Pigs Forced to Share Carrot
 Charlie and...

Craigslist roommates had a tense relationship already.

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Charlie and Vladimir don’t get along. In fact, the guinea pig roommates have loathed one another for years.

“They met via Craigslist,” says Jim Sanchez, a mutual friend. “Vlad was looking for a roommate, and Charlie could make the rent. But immediately, he wasn’t thrilled about the way Charlie would throw his cedar shavings everywhere. It’s been tense ever since.”

Given their history, it was no surprise they weren’t thrilled to share a carrot on Monday morning.

“It was the last one in the fridge, and they were both starving,” says Sanchez. “Breakfast was awkward, to put it mildly.”

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