Daily Fluff: Exotic short hair refuses to go to work

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Cleve has friends and family worried.

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Some days, it is really hard to force yourself out of bed for work. For Cleeves the cat, that type of day is every day. The Exotic Short Hair kitty has refused to get up for work every day the past week, and friends are starting to worry.

“He goes through stretches like this,” said Harry Grigsby. “He’ll spend the whole day sleeping and barely move. Everyone says not to worry. He’s a cat. But it seems pretty bad to me. I think he’s depressed.”

“Do cats get depressed? Yes,” Donna Jiang, a cat psychologist. “But sleeping a lot isn’t a symptom. In fact, it’s normal for cats to sleep a lot and generally be lazy, so it can be really difficult to diagnose kitty depression. If he stops eating or grooming himself, it’s time to see a vet. But just sleeping all day? Nah, that’s a cat thing.”

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