Daily Fluff: Cat accidentally tweets lewd photo to corporate account

Cat Accidentally Tweets Lewd Photo to Corporate...

Spazz’s revealing tweet was deleted almost immediately, but it was too late.

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What was meant to be a private photo sent via direct message, was accidentally broadcast to millions of followers earlier this week, and may end up costing a cat his job.

Spazz, a social media manager for Proctor & Gamble accidentally sent out a personal, and rather revealing photo on the corporate account of one of P&G’s consumer brands. Though the errant tweet was deleted almost immediately, it had already been retweeted by hundreds of followers and picked up by digital news site Mashable.

A spokesperson for P&G told Mashable that Spazz’s case would be referred to a disciplinary committee, per corporate policy. It was unclear if the kitty’s job was in immediate jeopardy, but that appeared to be a possibility. It would not be without precedent.

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