Cat Demands A Lot of House Staff
 Puffy, an exotic...

Puffy expects to be waited on hand and foot.

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Puffy, an exotic shorthair kitten, demands more than just attention — she expects to be waited on hand and foot. 

“When she meows, she thinks everyone should jump,” said Troy Stone, who runs her household. “For the most part, the staff complies. I mean, she pays the bills, so if she wants tuna at 3am on the good china, who are we to argue?”

But some on staff, who wish to remain anonymous, think the cat asks for too much. 

“I get that she’s paying the bills,” said one staffer, “and I get that she owns the house. But it’s not okay that I find her curled up in my closet, on my laundry, at least twice a week. That’s not cool.”

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