After dad punches hole in wall, daughter makes it a work of art

Men and their temper tantrums. Always punching holes in walls and thinking they can go on with their lives without someone calling them out.

Well, one young woman wasn’t going to stand for that. So when her dad perforated a wall in anger, she made the crater into a lovely work of art.

Just, wow. So perfectly executed—from the frame to the taped on gallery placard—the mockery is so real. By the looks of it, the entire family likes to clown on each other, but the obvious winner so far is the sister.

Ideally their dad learned his lesson and will think twice before doing this again. But he did one thing right in raising a clever, cultured daughter.

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson is an internet culture and entertainment reporter. His work has been published by the Daily Beast, Vice, Complex, Bustle, Uproxx, and Okayplayer.