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Dad builds backyard ‘Ninja Warrior’ course for daughter—and she crushes it

5-year-old Lylah has the heart of a champion.


Miles Klee

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There are days when I think, “Man, I’m a bit out of shape,” and days when I think, “Man, this 5-year-old would destroy me on the American Ninja Warrior course.”

Granted, Lylah isn’t running the actual obstacles yet, but her dad, Gavin McCall, has been building some impressive backyard versions for her to practice on. Watch as she dominates the biggest, baddest course yet on her way to warrior stardom—complete with awed color commentary from her doting father.

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Lylah and Gavin aren’t stopping there, either—the duo is looking to raise $500 on GoFundMe so they can set up even better challenges and kick Lylah’s training into high gear. And after that? She’ll probably become a Navy SEAL or something.  

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