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Twitter’s @usagipic_bot tweets adorable photos of bunnies like clockwork. 

Around 16.7 million tweets are sent every hour. We’re willing to wager very, very few of those are as cute as those blurted out by a Japanese bot account.

For some reason, @usagipic_bot tweets a photo of a rabbit once an hour or so. It’s like an alarm clock for fluffy and adorable pictures. According to Google, the account’s name “うさぎの画像botさん,” translates roughly to “Mr. image of a rabbit bot.”

The person behind the bot occasionally interacts with account’s more than 104,500 followers in both English and Korean. For the most part, it’s wall-to-wall bunnies, 24 times a day.

In all honesty, this is just an excuse to share lots of photos of cute bunnies to mark the Easter holiday. Enjoy.

Photo via @usagipic_bot/Twitter

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