Our nation’s zoos tried to find the cutest animal—and we all won


We know that post-election stress has got a lot of people down. But a newfound hope has come in the form of the Twitter hashtag #cuteanimaltweetoff, where America’s zoos and aquariums competed for the “cutest animal” gold on Wednesday.

According to Mashable, the friendly competition all began when the Smithsonian’s National Zoo uploaded a press release announcing the birth of their newest addition to the bunch, a gray baby seal pup.

After seeing the press release, Virginia resident Sarah Janet Hill directly tweeted at the Virginia Aquarium asking for them to bring their A game. The aquarium didn’t hesitate and was quick to post a just-as-cute retaliation photo featuring an otter/osprey combo before a Twitter war ensued.

The Zoo shot back.

Eventually, more zoos and aquariums caught on to show that they, too, were up for the challenge. Then the random submissions stormed in. Here’s the quick recap that will surely lift your spirits and brighten up your day:

You’re welcome.

Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi is a multimedia content producer. Her work has been published at the Austin American-Statesman and Viceland. An Arab-American raised in Dubai, she is based in Austin, Texas.