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Screengrab via gplnd/YouTube

Cyclist thinks that object up ahead is a log. Big mistake



David Britton

Internet Culture

The GoPro has given us some amazing footage—from the terrifying, to the adorable, so it’s a little surprising that this cyclist is so calm about his encounter with, what he assumes, is a log across his path.

Log? Crocodile? Alligator? Meh, whatever. It’s just another day in the park for this guy.

In his defense, crocs and gators do look a lot alike, and looking like logs is one of the main ways they’re able to catch their prey. (Like, say, an unsuspecting cyclist.) But how about showing a little enthusiasm for your next near-death experience pal?

Oh and if you think that voice sounds familiar you’re not the only one. This YouTuber figured it out for you:

By the way, in case you’re wondering, this is the correct way to react to crocodiles:

Screengrab via gplnd/YouTube

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