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This crawl space in San Francisco rents for only $500 a month

It’s a total steal, though it’s probably fake.


Gabe Bergado

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We all know the price of housing in San Francisco is getting ridiculous. Earlier this year, we got a look at the cheapest house you could buy in the West Coast city: a $350,000 house that was actually a decomposing wooden shack built in 1906 and rendered unlivable on the inside. But hey, if you can’t buy, might as well rent, right? And Craigslist has the perfect deal for you.

For a completely reasonable (that’s almost so reasonable that it’s actually unreasonable) $500 a month, you can live in this crawl space in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. Talk about a deal!


The post has since been deleted, but here’s the original text:

With rent skyrocketing in San Francisco, desperate times call for desperate measures and we recently came up with the idea to rent our crawl space out to cash strapped young San Franciscans.

We aren’t going to sugar coat this, as you can see by the photos, this is a basement crawl space and the ground is un-even. My roommate Neil has agreed to help out and level off the dirt crawl floor and we have some scraps of rug to throw down. There is a decent amount of room for a mattress and night stand and you can keep a dresser in the garage. You will be able to run an extension cord into the crawl space for light and the garage provides decent heat for those chilly SF nights or feel free to bring in a space heater. 

About Us:
We are two 20 something start-up guys and like to have fun but are serious about being a part of the next big unicorn company. We like to go out on the weekends in North Beach, SOMA, Marina (Tipsy Pig!) and venture out of the city to Tahoe for some fresh pow pwo and Napa on occasion. 

About You:
Since you’ll have access to our bathroom and kitchen, we don’t want any slobs! It would be great if you were also in tech so that we can talk shop but that is not a deal breaker, perhaps you are a founder still looking to get that seed round and this is all you can afford!

We’ll be hosting an open house this weekend to pick our next crawlspace housemate!

More importantly—does Wi-Fi reach the crawl space?

While it’s possible that the ad has since been deleted because there was way too much interest for the space, it’s more likely that it’s gone because it was fake. There’s an air of sarcasm and snark in the posting that seems to be making fun of the crisis and tech bro culture of the city. 

We knew this offer was too good to be true. 

Photos via Craigslist

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