empty plane

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Beats first class.

Winning the airline travel jackpot is having an empty seat next to you. What could be better than that? A completely empty plane.

Carrie Fisher and her boyfriend Kyle McNicol have been traveling the world and documenting the whole thing on Fisher’s blog, “A guy, a girl and the world.” They encountered a first when they got to Thailand’s Krabi airport and were told that there was a “very special flight” for them.

Turns out their 70-minute plane ride to Malaysia was just going to be the two of them.

So what do you do with a private plane? Take a ton of pictures and do the “slug” down the center aisle.

It was also quite the experience for the flight staff. Fisher writes on her blog, “stepping off the plane in Penang the ground staff all started laughing at us too, and another lady escorted us to immigration, where again they laughed and asked us about our solo flight.”

Now this is flying in style. 

H/T Yahoo News

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