bill cosby is a meme sry

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Bill Cosby’s lawyer is adamant that her client’s blindness has somehow seeped into his brain, making him unable to recall who he violated and why he’s so reprehensible. That’s… a defense. Sure. 

But what’s truly shocking about lawyer Angela Agrusa’s claims is this bombshell from a Wednesday court appearance: “My client is not a meme.”

Oh, really? Is it because he tried and failed to become a piece of viral web content in 2014?

Two years ago, almost to the day, Cosby’s PR team stupidly decided to give his “fans” a chance to have some fun with everyone’s favorite sweater-clad sexual predator. On Nov. 10, 2014, they did this:


And the internet responded by roasting the fuck out of him.

It’s doubtful Agrusa’s meme defense will enter the annals of law school textbooks anytime soon, failed meme or not. At least she got to remind us of this poorly thought-out social media campaign!

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