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‘Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird when people put personal things in their calendar’: Tech employee questions TMI corporate calendar entries

‘I’m not juggling a work and personal calendar.’


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A TikToker by the name of Kimi (@hullokimi) went viral for calling out working professionals who overshare on their workplace calendars. The Southern California tech startup employee uses her TikTok account primarily to chronicle her life as a working professional, including personal budgeting, going on vacations, and transitioning to different roles.

@hullokimi Or use “appt” or “dnb”. What’s the purpose of having these events public? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #corporatetok #newjob #corporatecalendar #techtok #techie #wfh ♬ original sound – KIMI | Tech, Startups, 9to5s

She says in the clip: “Is it just me or does anyone else find it weird when people put personal things in their calendar for everyone else at work to see? Like, I don’t need to know when you’re getting your haircut, when you’re getting your nails done—just let me know when you’re going to lunch.”

“Or use ‘appt’ or ‘dnb,’” she adds in the caption. “What’s the purpose of having these events public?”

Kimi’s TikTok sparked a litany of different responses from other users on the platform. Some folks said that they do this because they don’t feel like “managing” several calendars and will put in more detailed descriptions just so they know what the nature of their appointment is without having to go through the extra step of looking at a personal calendar.

“I’m not juggling a work and personal calendar. Everything is going on my work calendar. Even gyno.”

“I put my therapy appt on my work calendar LMFFAAAOOOO.”

“My coworker puts his WHOLE doctor’s office address.”

Others agreed with Kimi stating that all their co-workers need to know is that they’re unavailable at a particular time in case anyone sends out a meeting request or wants to reach out to them. Some speculated that there is probably a sizable demographic of professionals who simply aren’t aware that others can see the more detailed descriptors they place in their workplace calendars.

“I wonder if they don’t realize others can see? I always use ‘Appt.’”

“I will mark it as private just so my coworkers know that I’ll be out for a block of time.”

“Umm in my company we can’t see the details of ppls appointments. Just if it’s busy or out of office.”

Others stated that they intentionally put in the information so their employees see they have a “healthy work-life balance.” They hope to demonstrate that despite working very hard, they’re able to get in some personal time in their daily lives and accomplish goals outside the realm of their jobs.

“I personally work so hard that it’s important for my team to see I have a healthy work life balance. I want them to do the same without shame.”

Kimi agreed with this assessment; however, she said she opts to use private conversations with co-workers to do so and keeps her calendar mark-offs more vague.

“This is true! I typically just use OOO or DNB for any personal things,” one commenter agreed. “But then I’ll tell people in person what I’m doing if they’re privy to that!”

According to some outlets that specialize in navigating workplace life, keeping an air of “confidentiality” about one’s personal business could be beneficial as “confidentiality matters for legal and reputational reasons.” I.e. if someone wants to use any information against you down the line, giving them insight into your day-to-day activities while you’re technically supposed to be “on the clock” could potentially create problems, even if you are completing your work tasks.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kimi for further comment via email.

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