Police officer poses with dude showing off his ‘cops suck’ tattoo

cops suck tattoo

Photo via Bangor Maine Police Department/Facebook

A lesson in community.

The police department of Bangor, Maine, is known to have one of the finest (and funniest) Facebook pages in the world of law enforcement. And their latest viral post is a shining example of their dedication to the community.  

In its lengthy, wistful musing, we come to learn that officers had responded to a disturbance allegedly caused by a man named Russell. We further learn that Russell has the words “COPS SUCK” tattooed on his fingers. But rather than automatically arrest him, the not-at-all-sucky cops struck up a friendly conversation and eventually sent him on his way—with no charges.

But not before they snapped a heartwarming photo with their suspect.

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We do hope Russell stays out of trouble from now on—though if he decides to venture beyond Bangor, he may want to invest in some gloves.

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