‘Confused Travolta’ is the GIF that keeps on giving

John Travolta is a little mixed-up these days.

In a new inexplicable GIF meme, Confused Travolta, appearing as Pulp Fiction’s Vincent Vega, is a perpetual fish out of water, unsure of whether he should sink or swim. Even though he is at least a level OT-V Scientologist (although evidence indicates he is at a much more advanced level), Confused Travolta appears to be overcome by his reactive mind—the subconscious layer of being that controls his impulses—in the GIFs.

Confused Travolta first appeared on Imgur a month ago, a company rep told the Daily Dot via email, with a caption that read, “MRW I ask my daughter what she wants for Christmas and she says, ‘A doll.’” Travolta is stumped in the toy aisle of a megastore, flanked by hundreds of dolls.

The GIF went viral, throwing Confused Travolta into countless familiar situations. Nobody, for example, told Travolta that class was canceled:

[Placeholder for http://imgur.com/gallery/0UIwFbR embed]

Travolta forgot why he walked into the kitchen:

Travolta’s nephew’s hiding spot was just too good:

Travolta couldn’t find a good seat at the movie theater:

Travolta couldn’t even land a proper high-five from Drake:

But the GIF meme shines even in far-fetched, cinematic situations.

TFW you’re supposed to catch the Rebel forces:

TFW you’re the guy in the “Take On Me” video: 

TFW Hank Scorpio impresses you with a cool party trick:

And now, Confused Travolta isn’t simply reserved for upper-echelon Scientologists living on Gold Base. Even the standard OT-III can make one of their own. So make Xenu proud!

Screengrab via QuackQuack GD/YouTube

Feliks Garcia

Feliks Garcia

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