chipotle employees talks about chipotle until bee comes over to her food tiktok


‘It’s a whole bee by me’: Chipotle worker swarmed by bee while filming PSA

‘That bee said she ain’t lying.’


Braden Bjella

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While filming a video advocating for Chipotle, TikToker and Chipotle employee Laila (@foreverlailaa) was greeted by an unwelcome guest: a bee.

In a video with over 502,000 views, Laila begins her speech about Chipotle while eating her lunch.

“I don’t care what nobody said baby. Chipotle is so good,” Laila begins, before the bee rudely interrupts her, causing her to get up and run from the camera. The bee then lands on the TikToker’s food, prompting her to swat it away.

@foreverlailaa ig the bee wanted some too 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😭 #fypシ #fyp ♬ BEAUTIFUL (feat. Future & SZA) – DJ Khaled

While it’s unclear whether Laila was being approached by a bee or a wasp, she claims in the video that it was a bee.

Unfortunately, if a bee has decided to attack you, experts say there’s not much you can do except get out of the way.

“Don’t hesitate. Don’t fight them. All you’re going to do is give them time to get hundreds and thousands more. Just get out of there,” Dr. Justin O. Schmidt, an entomologist with expertise in stinging insects and arthropods, told ABC.

If one is confronted by a bee but it appears calm, Schmidt advises holding your breath and refraining from swatting at it.

“It just feels so good to swat at it — don’t do it! Bad news,” he explains. “It’ll make everything worse. The bees feel threatened and their natural response is to rise up together and defend their queen.”

In the TikTok’s comments section, many users made jokes about the bee.

“That bee said she ain’t lying,” one user wrote.

“Bee said: let me try that.. just a lil piece buzz buzz,” another added.

As for what Laila was actually trying to say before being stopped by the bee, she later posted a follow-up explaining her point.

@foreverlailaa Replying to @pachira309 #viral #foryoupage #fyp ♬ original sound – lailajohnson

In short, she says it’s unfair to malign Chipotle based on the quality of the products at a single Chipotle location.

“Just because ‘Chipotle’ is on that building, don’t mean that Chipotle is like any other Chipotle,” she explains.

She says that her location is high quality, using fresh ingredients and holding itself to a high cleaning standard.

Many users agreed with her point in the comments section.

“So true! if i go to chipotle and the food don’t look right i’m walking out,” shared a commenter.

“Facts bc i used to hate chipotle until i moved to texas,” claimed a second.

“So true, this goes for most restaurants,” contributed a further user. “I don’t understand people who just hate an entire chain as a whole unless you’re just not a fan of their menu.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Laila via Instagram DM.

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