Antique guns and bags of marijuana

Photo via Chicago_Police/Twitter

Chicago PD are getting blasted on Twitter for this bust of a sad-sack, old-timey gun

The world may not be any safer.


David Covucci

Internet Culture

Chicago has a very real and very terrible gun violence problem.

Just this year, 176 people have been killed in the city, and the vast majority are shooting deaths. So any gun that police get off the streets there is a good thing.

That said, this gun bust perhaps shouldn’t have made it to the Chicago PD Twitter feed.

Did the internet have its way with that revolving rifle and little derringer? Yes, the internet had its way with them.

Despite their tweets rife with mocking disdain, the good people of Twitter dot com are surely happy police are keeping the streets safe.

From rapscallions like these.

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