The ‘Change Team’ meme is all about backstabbing

Traitors! Judases! Benedict Arnolds! Human history is scattered with characters, previously thought loyal, who turned on their compatriots and stabbed them in the back—sometimes literally. And how should we discuss these figures? It seems obvious that the answer is “a meme from a video game about rocket-powered cars playing soccer.”

Reddit’s meme-rich forums are overflowing this week with “Change Team” memes, which pair infamous betrayals from history and pop culture with the pause screen from the popular vehicular soccer game Rocket League. The “change team” option is prominently highlighted.

Judas changed teams.

judas changes teams Image via existawk/Reddit

So did Anakin Skywalker:

anakin skywalker changes teams coomobile/Reddit

Russia has changed teams:

ussr changes teams in wwii fabool/Reddit

So has Italy:

italy changed teams in wwii YolmAli/Reddit

Heck, the U.S. may be changing teams right now:

us changes team on russia question Image via hunterh2/Reddit

Parts of the country have certainly changed teams before:

southern states change teams in civil war bomberr6r/Reddit florida changes teams in election stormr7/Reddit


The “change team” feature was built into Rocket League to prevent lopsided matches when one team lost players—to change a 3-on-1 game into a 2-on-2 one, for example. Now it’s serving a completely different purpose: accusing people and countries of chickening out and turning traitor.

It’s also being used in problematic ways to discuss race and gender, mocking Caitlyn Jenner for being trans and Rachel Dolezal for being a white woman who identifies as black:

caitlyn jenner change team meme iamblackistani/Reddit rachel dolezal change team meme tsu98/Reddit

A number of posters on Reddit’s r/memeeconomy, a forum for speculation about the rise and fall of popular memes, have flagged “Change Team” as the next big thing.

meme economy posts about change team meme r/MemeEconomy/Reddit

It’s already making it to more mainstream “normie” sites, including junior varsity Reddit rival 9gag. Even a UC Berkeley meme page on Facebook has picked it up:

uc berkeley coach changes team UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens/Facebook

This is looking to be one of the stronger and more memorable memes of March 2017, but due to its increasing popularity, the fickle dank memers who helped make Change Team great may be about to hit pause and “change team” on it.

Jay Hathaway

Jay Hathaway

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