Search engine CEO faces adultery allegations online

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Try asking ChaCha what happens when your CEO’s wife outs him as a cheater on Twitter. 

Try asking ChaCha, the rogue search engine that claims it has an answer to any question, what happens when your CEO’s wife outs you as a cheater on Twitter. 

Scott Jones, the site’s founder, just found out the hard way.

@VeeVee is a professional poker player, wife to Jones, and mother of his fifth and youngest son. At around 9pm ET Wednesday, she began a public tirade against her husband to her 50,000-pus followers, claiming Jones—whose ventures have been backed by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos—was cheating on her with Renee Larr, an employee of ChaCha’s marketing and PR department. 


The tweets carried into the night. At one point, the tweets took on a What Should We Call Me–esque voice: “While I was doing this (picture of her breastfeeding their youngest son), my husband was doing this (picture of Renee Larr).” The tweet was deleted within seconds—although not, apparently, by Jones’s wife.

Jones, who hasn’t tweeted in a few days, has yet to weigh in, but something tells us ChaCha won’t have the answers to this one. Try Google.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons