cats ringing a bell for treats video

Screengrab via b_ru_ru/Twitter

This video of 2 cats ringing bells for treats is purrfect

These two cats know the secret to getting lots and lots of treats.


David Covucci

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Ring a bell get a treat. It’s a concept as old as Pavlov himself, perhaps owing to the fact that he coined it.

Anyway, hey would you look at these two cats who know how to ring a bell to get a lot of treats?

They ring their own bell, they ring the other cat’s bell. All the time they get the treats. It’s perfect.

What. Good. Cats.

These two can also ring a bell on an iPhone to get some treats.

Their names are Kisrita and Velvet.

Find something better going on in the world right now. I dare you.

H/T Laughing Squid, Dorsey Shaw

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