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Cats reacting to magic tricks confirms everything you know about cats

Cats don’t give a crap.


Kevin Morris

Internet Culture

About two weeks ago, magician Jose Ahonen provided resounding proof that there may be nothing more adorable on Earth than dogs reacting to magic tricks. But dogs account for only one segment of the world’s pet population, and we were all left wondering: What happens when other cute critters come face-to-face with devious human sleight-of-hand?

Well, thankfully magician Rick Lax has answered that question, at least in part. He recently spent a day unleashing his bag of tricks on a crew of unsuspecting kitties.

What happened next should be obvious to anyone who’s ever gazed deeply into the alien eyes of a feline: Cats don’t give a crap, and they certainly don’t give a crap about about your stupid human tricks. Unless it’s the type that can open a can of tuna. 

Screengrab via Penguin Magic/YouTube

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