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Romanian company makes a cat its manager to get publicity, and it’s clearly working

You’ve never met a feline with so much responsibility.


Mike Wehner

Internet Culture

Your average house cat doesn’t do much besides nap, eat, snuggle, and cough up the occasional hairball. But a handsome feline in Romania has become the manager of an entire technology company. 


His name, fittingly, is Boss, and he’s now the top dog—well, cat—at the Romanian communications firm, where he stalks office halls and even collects a salary. 


Boss won his seat after the company began looking for a lazy feline employee to represent the company. He beat out 700 other cats for the job and now collects a paycheck of about $225 per month. 

Now that his managerial role is official, Boss is expected to take the leading role in all of the company’s promotional videos and ad spots. He will also live quite comfortably, which, for a cat, is the ultimate goal.

H/T KEYC-TV | Photo via brownpau/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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