cash me ousside how bow dah danielle bregoli

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Viral star Danielle Bregoli is coming to the small screen in her own TV show.

In a move predicted by pretty much anyone who has ever prognosticated anything, the Cash Me Ousside girl is getting her own television show.

It makes perfect sense. Danielle Bregoli quickly became 2017’s most infamous viral sensation when her borderline indecipherable threat swept the internet after an appearance on Dr. Phil.

Bregoli has managed to stay in the public eye ever since—for both good and bad reasons—avoiding the rapid fade to irrelevance that besets most meme stars.

Since the public’s appetite has been downright insatiable, there’s really one one route now: reality TV. Bregoli confirmed today to the Daily Dot that she signed a deal with IMG’s original content team for a loosely scripted reality show about her life.

We’d say how bout dat, but instead we’ll just say cash her on the TV.

No details on the show have been released, and Bregoli said she was unable to speak about the deal for the time being.

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