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Cardi B’s new verse on ‘Put It On Da Floor’ becomes a meme

‘I feel like Britney Spears.’


Chloe Stillwell

Internet Culture

If anything is undeniable, it’s the enduring power of Britney Spears. She transformed pop music in the ’90s and continued to hold popular culture captive through the aughts. Even despite her experience of being trapped in a conservatorship by her father for thirteen years, and having not put out new music (aside from her release of “Hold Me Closer” with Elton John last year—her first new music since 2016), Britney still sits on the throne of pop culture. She maintains that seat these days mostly through her social media presence. And now Cardi B has immortalized that impact with her new verse on the remix of Latto’s hit bop “Put It On Da Floor.”

If you’re on the internet, you’ve seen Britney Spears’ Instagram. It’s a compilation of captions that are basically free form essays on absolutely anything that might be occupying the pop phenom’s headspace, accompanied by random pictures sometimes, or nudes. But most iconic are Spears’ dancing videos. She posts them with a sort of laissez fair attitude that tells the internet’s obsession with presenting a perfect image to go F itself. She doesn’t seem consumed with how she looks, or even where the videos are taken (most take place in Spears’ foyer)—she just dances, free and happy.

So fans naturally rejoiced when they heard Cardi B drop a reference to Spears’ twirls on “Put It On Da Floor.” Cardi raps, “I’m sexy dancing in the house. I feel like Britney Spears, so put it on the floor, just like their careers. What they got on me? Bodies and a couple years.” Music lovers mostly clung to the “I’m sexy dancing in the house. I feel like Britney Spears” part, making Spears trend on Twitter and turning the quote into a meme. The whole verse is being lauded online as fire. Cardi’s former collaborator GloRilla tweeted, “If Cardi don’t do s**t else, she gone slide on a mf beat. Go cousin, Cardi B.”

See some of the internet reactions to “I feel like Britney Spears” below:
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