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This Vine account will impress you with all the things you can do with a butt

“I guess I have a college degree in stripping.”


Gabe Bergado

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This article contains sexually explicit material. 

“I feel like I can express myself through my butt.”

Ms. Buttlips, one of the two people behind the twerking-good-time Vine account Buttlips, shared this on the phone with me as we discussed her fanny’s recent fame. With her partner in booty/boyfriend, Mr. Buttlips, the two have mastered the art of combining butt cheek clapping with storytelling.

Buttlips caught the attention of the Internet right away with its first six-second short. Amidst the Internet’s dismantling of Iggy Azalea earlier this year, the Buttlips duo filmed a Vine dubbed with Azalea’s mess of a freestyle rap that went viral. Dawning luscious blonde locks, googly eyes, and a bold red lip, Buttlips was ready for her closeup.

“If you ever want to put a face on a butt, use carpet tape,” Ms. Buttlips advised.

Ms. Buttlips reminisced back to when she was just a budding booty, around the age of 10 or 12, figuring out ways to annoy her two brothers while they played video games. She’d pull her baggy pants up to give herself a wedgie and make her tush talk to her brethren, making a young proto-Buttlips. Later, as an adult, she was also inspired by Viner Jessica Vanessa, famous for her twerking videos.

“Just make the butt be famous. Just the butt. The butt is its own entity,” Mr. Buttlips said.

But how has Ms. Buttlips, whose badonkadonk has captured Viners’ hearts, mastered the elegant movement of her cheeks? Well, it’s part of her day job.

“I’m pretty good at clapping my ass and twerking from being a stripper, so if I didn’t have that experience I don’t think the Vines would be that good,” Ms. Buttlips said. “I guess I have a college degree in stripping. I’ve been doing it for four years. I think stripping has helped.”

For Vine ideas, the Buttlips duo typically just uses household objects that pair with a butt. One time, they wanted to make a Vine with a hot dog, but it didn’t work out. But Vines with Buttlips eating cake or opening the fridge have proven totally doable.

More recently, Buttlips has started to ditch the tights that were seen in the early Vines and has gone nude booty. Those tend to get more views. It was hard for the eyes and lips to stick to fabric anyway, so using pure flesh is also easier in terms of hair, makeup, and props.

For the Fourth of July, the Buttlips duo treated their viewers to a holiday-themed clip. Clenching a bouquet of American flags between her cheeks, Ms. Buttlips swayed side to side, waving the symbol of our country like a true patriot.

That sparkler might look dangerous, but Mr. Buttlips made sure his bae’s bottom didn’t get burned. “No, children hold these things. They’re safe for a butt,” he told her. 

In terms of the reception they’ve gotten, there’s usually two camps: either “WTF” or “this is the best Vine account ever.” 

“My friends and family think it’s really funny,” Ms. Buttlips said. 

One random fan even gave them a shoutout Vine:

As for the haters? The duo hardly gives a rat’s ass. 

“I feel kind of empowered because I can do a lot of things and I won’t be judged because it’s just my butt,” Ms. Buttlips said. “People aren’t judging me, they’re judging my butt. I can just hide behind my butt.”

And that’s probably the first time someone’s behind isn’t well, behind. 

Photo via Buttlips/Vine | Remix by Jason Reed

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