This bunny meme tells you how to win someone’s heart


A cute bunny meme started circulating on Twitter last week, and now we’re learning how to win everyone’s heart. The meme starts with an ASCII design bunny holding a heart out saying, “u want this?” Then, the bunny holds the heart back and people have come up with some hilarious and some heartbreaking responses on how to win their heart.

Some aren’t here for love at all, but just in it for the money. “Give me your credit card first,” one person wrote.

Others are being petty. “Wait u have an android? Nevermind,” another person wrote.

One person reminded us of the important love, saying their heart is theirs, “I love myself first.”

A few people used the meme to remind people to vote today. “Show me your I voted sticker first,” one person wrote.

And of course, some people just want what we all want: attention and affection.

Maybe we’ve finally found a meme that will help the internet figure out how to find love. And if you do find it and want to broadcast it with a sign, there’s another bunny meme for that.

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto is an Atlanta-based freelance writer covering culture, lifestyle, and news. Her work has appeared in CNN, Teen Vogue, INSIDER, and Vice. She can usually be found writing with an overpriced coffee in hand or hanging out with her dog, Rihanna, who is named after exactly who you think.