Courtney Jaye singing Bunker Boy


Listen to this incredibly catchy tune about Trump’s time in the bunker

It's called 'Bunker Boy,' and it's a banger.


Nahila Bonfiglio

Internet Culture

Published Jun 5, 2020

Heads up, music lovers. A new track just hit the airwaves, and honestly its an absolute banger.

The song, titled “Bunker Boy,” comes from the singular musical talent that is Courtney Jaye. She uploaded an all too brief clip of the original tune to social media, where it quickly swept the internet. Content warning: You’re not going to get this song out of your head anytime soon.

The 45-second clip features nothing but Jaye and her guitar. She dreamily warbles out harsh and hilarious lyrics as her acoustic strums a calming tune in the background.

“Bunker boy, don’t lie. You got scared and hid in the basement in the middle of the night,” Jaye’s sultry voice intones in the viral clip. “You’re not so tough, no. It’s a sorry sight. So take your bible, shove it up your a** and turn on the f*cking lights.”

The beautifully crafted lyrics proceed to absolutely shred the president’s recent trip to his bunker, where he hunkered down to avoid protesters.

“Bunker boy. Bunker boy, November’s coming and we hope you’re terrified,” she sings.

The song concludes with one last, lovely intonation of “bunker boy” before Jaye takes a deep, cleansing breath and sighs it out. The whole thing is really tied together by the mildly exasperated eye roll at the end.

It’s not the only politically-charged song Jaye has composed recently. Apparently, the actions—or utter inaction—of the president is good song-writing fuel. Another upload, shared to Jaye‘s 19,000 followers, is titled “F*ck This F*cking President.”

You can probably guess at the lyrics.


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*First Published: Jun 5, 2020, 8:10 am CDT