Buffalo Bills tailgating

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Bills fans are going absolutely bonkers as they tailgate before the playoffs

In which fans are slammed through flaming tables.


Josh Katzowitz

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Buffalo Bills fans are the most hardcore of all NFL tailgaters. They think nothing of slamming each other through tables, a la the WWE, in parking lots before games. They drink beer out of Wiffle ball bats and smash into buses. And they’ve been known to throw dildos on the field during the action.

But before the team’s playoff game vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday—the first time Buffalo has been in the postseason since 1999—the fans, known as the Bills Mafia, took it to a different level. Basically, they went freakin’ bananas. Take note: the game isn’t even being played in Buffalo.

Here’s a sampling of all the shenanigans.





Not even NFL analyst Bill Cowher, the former Steelers coach, could stop himself from getting involved.

Usually, an NFL team doesn’t need extra motivation before taking the field before a playoff game on the road. But something is wrong if the Bills can’t draw an extra smidge of inspiration after watching their fans go nuts in their honor.

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