brother lions fighting

Screengrab via Rodger Bowren/YouTube

And you thought your dating life was bad.

Fighting for the same chick with a friend is already a crappy enough situation—now imagine duking it out with your own brother for the lady. Pretty extreme, right? Well turns out the world of lion mating is this damn savage.

Rodger Bowren filmed two brother lions in Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa, fighting over the same lioness, making it the ultimate showdown between siblings. The video was originally posted in June, but it’s making the rounds again, thanks to the animals’ pure ferociousness. These two bros are clawing, biting, and tackling one another just in the name of l0ve (and procreation).

Meanwhile, the lioness is just chilling on the sidelines waiting for the boys to finish up. 

And just like that, the winning brother and the lady lion head off into the shrubs, probably for some good ol’ victory sex. As for the loser, well, he’s probably off back to the watering hole to pick up another bae.

During all this drama, one YouTube commenter has some wise words for the bros: “Brothers fight for this bitch? They can find another lioness, but they never find a brother!” 

Hey, the animal kingdom works in mysterious ways. 

H/T BroBible

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