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Screengrab via Urban Timelapse/YouTube

Watch these bricks fall like dominoes until it actually makes sense

Just another brick in the wall.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

At first, the stunt looks like a couple of dudes having fun on a work break, playing dominoes with the bricks they’re supposed to be laying. But then, the game takes a turn, and you come to realize that this isn’t a stunt after all.

In fact, it could be a revolutionary way to finish your brick-laying work much faster than ever before. Take a look and take notes. This might be the wave of the future.

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If you’re wondering how that worked, one Liveleak commenter has a theory: “Position the last block a little further than the rest. The next to last block, which was momentarily holding up the third to last block, falls flat. Now, the third to last block falls, and the fourth from last flops down because it lost the block propping it up in front of it. Repeat till the end.”

Either way, just add some mortar to the bottom of the bricks, and perhaps you can cut your work day in half.

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