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It shouldn’t be humanly possible.

There’s no way anyone could accomplish such a feat.

AND YET, here’s this man, proving all the skeptics wrong and basking in his fleeting internet glory.

In case you need to be caught up to speed: A gentleman, referred to only as “Brazilian man,” performed an incredible balancing act on his way through a supermarket checkout lane to save one of his items from hitting the floor. It’s a magnificent three-part kick that indicates years of hacky sack practice.

Let’s deconstruct this four-second clip. First, Brazilian man kicks the item with his left foot. Then, using his right foot, he sends it high above his head. Finally, he hits the behind-the-back right kick to launch the item back into his hands and proceed out of the store.

I can’t breathe.

Some folks out in the darkest, most cynical corners of the internet have already decried the stunt as “fake news.” And you know what? Fine, maybe it does kind of look like our hero intentionally tossed the item out of his hands so he could wow his audience of teenage bag handlers. Maybe he practiced the move at home, or maybe he’s unleashed this trick at other stores. But to call this fake news? Sorry, bucko, but it happened! We have footage! I saw it with my own two eyes, and so did the 24,000 other people who retweeted it!

Brazilian man: 1. Internet dicks: 0.

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Bryan Rolli

Bryan Rolli

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