‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ captures the hilarious hijinks behind your favorite squad pics

Finally, an Instagram account to give your #ManCrushMonday the recognition he fully deserves for photographing all your best angles.

“Boyfriends of Instagram” gives photo credit where credit is due, showing behind-the-scenes snaps of how partners and girl squads everywhere achieve the perfect Insta-pic.

Some are born great, and some have greatness thrust upon them…

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Omg girls night 😍😍 #boyfriendsofinstagram #chicksb4dicks

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Always take multiple shots when you’re in the zone #boyfriendsofinstagram #gettheangles

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According to the very first candid pic—a man laying on a hardwood floor to photograph four women sipping wine on a couch—the account launched nearly a year ago but went dormant about two months later. After a year of silence, the account began posting again yesterday.

In there like swimwear.

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A Facebook page linked to the account was also launched in January 2016, and posted occasionally but consistently throughout the year, then picked up speed this January. The account’s creators, two guys from Sydney, Australia, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Daily Dot via Facebook that they sat on the idea for some time before launching the Instagram page, figuring other people wouldn’t find the concept as funny as they did.

At one point, they forgot their Instagram password and were locked out of the account, so that’s when they decided to stay focused on the Facebook page. Since getting more attention, they said they’ve been getting 20 to 50 submissions a day and just want to see how far they can take the concept.

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Even Kanye West can’t escape the Instagram-worthy duty.

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Of course, it’s not just women that boyfriends are bending over backward for to take snaps.

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Girlfriends, third wheels, and, oddly enough, children of Instagram are also a thing, though less prevalent to this male-dedicated social media phenomenon.

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Yep, men will lay on the ground that strangers trek dirt and who-knows-what-else through just to get their women the perfect pic—true dedication to the art form of Instagram.

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Though, for the record, women can do it just as well by themselves!

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Thanks again, though, boyfriends of Instagram. Most Valuable Players, Man Crush Mondays, whatever you want to call it, you dudes deserve all of the hashtags. And that’s coming straight from the heart, no filter.

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Update Feb. 15, 5:25pm CT: Includes comment from creators.

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