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If we don’t learn about the Bowling Green Massacre, we’re doomed to repeat it.

One of the biggest embarrassments of the early Donald Trump administration occurred when Trump advisor and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway made reference to the “Bowling Green massacre,” a terrorist attack that did not actually occur. Many have mocked Conway over the made-up attack, but no one’s done it better than the Harvard Bookstore.


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The indie bookstore, located near a certain Boston-area university, understands that if we don’t learn history, we’re doomed to repeat it. And while there aren’t any books about the Bowling Green massacre (because, again, it’s not a real event), Harvard Bookstore found plenty of selections that could help scholars understand it.

There’s Anti-Intellectualism; The Death of Expertise; Philip Roth’s novel The Plot Against America, It Can’t Happen Here; and naturally, Assholes. Seems like that just about covers the possible explanations for citing a fake terrorist attack to justify a ban on immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries.

A very sick, very erudite burn. 

The only Bowling Green Massacre is Kellyanne Conway’s mentions right now
The massacre never occurred, unless you count the one going on right now.
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