borderlands 3 misgendering ban

Intentionally misgendering a character could get you banned from Borderlands 3

The character FL4K uses they/them pronouns.


Brooke Sjoberg

Internet Culture

In an apparent effort to promote nonbinary acceptance, the developer behind Borderlands 3, Gearbox Software, announced that it will ban anyone from its forums who intentionally misgenders a nonbinary character.

A moderator of the Borderlands 3 forum wrote in a post on Aug. 12 that the character FL4K was written by a nonbinary person, and the company is asking forum posters to respect the creator’s wish that FL4K be referred to with they/them pronouns. Honest mistakes will not result in a ban, the moderator said, but intentional misgendering of the character will have consequences.

One tweet thread about the new forum policy, in particular, garnered attention.

“This is fucking epic. You misgender, you get sniped, as it fucking should be. Respect trans/nb people or perish its simple,” Twitter user @glassandeyes wrote.

Incorrect information regarding the ban also sparked erroneous heated debates among players. Many Twitter users who replied to the thread are under the false impression that misgendering FL4K by accident would get them banned.

“Wh.. how os that okay though…?” @umbreon567 wrote. “That’s pretty cruel to do that for a slip-up… like I paid 60 dollars for a game I can’t play now because I was banned for calling the robot a he.”

Borderlands 3 is slated to launch on will launch on Sept. 13.


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