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What to stuff your face with on National Junk Food Day

Treat yo self.


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Junk food is not something that you should have everyday. Eating McDonald’s, Burger King, Arby’s, Taco Bell, etc., on a regular basis would most likely kill you within a year or two. 

But today is not most days. 

Today you can eat as many onion rings as you want. You can go to Popeyes and overdose on their biscuits. Today you can go to KFC and dine on all the fried chicken that your gluttonous heart desires. You can do this because (and only because) today is:


That’s right, it’s the national day of ingesting fatty foods for no reason other than to ruin your health that much faster. But what type of burgers and fries and pizza will help you celebrate this national holiday to its full potential? Read this list to find out.

Checkers Burger w/ Cheese

You’ve always told yourself that Taco Bell is disgusting and gives you the shits, but now that it’s National Junk Food Day, you can give in. Stuff yourself with as many gordita crunches as you can swallow, because, as L’Oréal shampoo says: You’re worth it. Be sure to wash this down with a:

Large strawberry milkshake

You can get this from Burger King, McDonald’s, Arby’s, Chick-fil-A or any fast food establishment that Kelis would frequent. This is not the last thing you should have on this holy day of junk-food freedom, though. When you think you can’t eat another slice of pizza, when you think you’re going to hurl if you eat another french fry, when you’d rather die than consume another donut from Dunkin Donuts, do this:

Tweet about how you’re eating tons of junk food on National Junk Food Day

Don’t be a loser. Today is the only time that you can get fat with no regrets, so keep housing those chicken nuggets and don’t forget to let your followers know that you’re still hungry for more. 

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