Iconic British pygmy goat finally gets his own YouTube channel

Remember Benjamin? He’s the adorable British pygmy goat who became a viral sensation last December when BBC profiled his life after he was abandoned by his mother. Thankfully, Tom Horsfield of Yorkshire, England, stepped in to save the pint-sized kid after his mother rejected him—giving him a new lease on life, complete with bottle service and plenty of strolls in the countryside.

But this story of salvation and second chances isn’t over yet. For fans wanting more heartwarming glimpses at the life of this tiny goat and his newly adopted dad, there’s now an official Benjamin The Goat YouTube channel

From playdates with his twin sister to bottle feedings filled with plenty of twitching tales, there’s a video to please just about everyone on Benjamin’s YouTube page. 

But don’t you worry. For those tuning into to see more spry jumping and frolicking, there’s plenty of that too. 

With an upbringing like this, it looks like it won’t be long until Benjamin is a bonafide goat parkour master

Photo via picbot/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Greg Seals

Greg Seals

Greg Seals is a former social media producer and contributing writer for the Daily Dot. He specializes in creating and covering viral content on platforms that include Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.