Imgur account offering badly Photoshopped Michael Cera pictures has closed

michael cera

Photo via Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer/Flickr

We’re sinCERAly bummed.

Fall will be here soon and the days will be much shorter. But with the disappearance of A New Badly Photoshopped Photo of Michael Cera Every Day, the days will feel too long.

On Saturday, Imgur announced that the beloved the account—which provided Cera-hungry fans with a poorly Photoshopped masterwork every day—would cease operations after one year, so the artist can focus on other projects. 

The first piece was posted Aug. 21, 2015, and became a contemporary classic.

The artist claimed he began this project in an effort to refine his Photoshop skills, and so we had the opportunity to see an artist fail and grow in real time. 

People noticed. People reacted.

But eventually people realized this bit of virtual trial-and-error was bigger than just Michael Cera in a red beanie. It brought people together on a more personal level, and the artist used the platform to raise awareness about cancer.

And so the era of badly Photoshopped Cera is over. For now at least.

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