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11 wildly inappropriate Nintendo ads from the ’90s

Well, that was awkward. 


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Posted on Jun 17, 2014   Updated on May 31, 2021, 3:11 am CDT


There’s a reason why today’s Nintendo advertisements are more reasonably tame than the ones in the ’90s. In the glory days of the NESSNES, and earlier Game Boy products, advertisements needed extraordinary copy and visuals to wow their consumers in buying their latest game or console.

Some of Nintendo’s earlier advertisements were wildly inappropriate or just plain wrong.

1) Game Boy Original — 1989-1990


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It’s ridiculous enough to stuff a ferret down your trousers, but to have the ferret be in that position? Just plain weird.

2) Game Boy Color — 1998


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If this advertisement isn’t discriminatory, we sure as hell don’t know what is!

3) Super Nintendo Entertainment System — 1991

(Source: Flickr/ JonnyCampbell)

Photo via JonnyCampbell/Flickr

This Nintendo advertisement encourages you to ‘play all your favorite American and Japanese games.’

4) Game Boy Pocket — 1996

(Source: Reddit/ deltaone211)

Photo via deltaone211/Reddit

Nintendo should have narrowed down the context for this one. A woman wearing lingerie with her hands tied to the bedposts? Really?!? We’re pretty disappointed just like the expression on her face.

5) ‘Low G Man’ for Nintendo Entertainment System — 1990


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It seems as if Nintendo supports criminal behaviour with this advertisement. Running and jumping while stabbing and looting? Let’s not forget Nintendo’s official golden seal of quality!

6) ‘The Untouchables’ for Nintendo Entertainment System — 1990


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In other words, you’re just asking us to be killed. Thanks Nintendo.

7) Game Boy Color Naki Rechargeable Battery Pack — 1998


Photo via gameboyoriginal/Blogspot

For a gaming explosion, NUKE your Game boy.

8) Game Boy Pocket — 1996

(Source: Blogspot/ gameboyoriginal)

Photo via gameboyoriginal/Blogspot

The key phrase here is: ‘or anywhere else you want.’

9) ‘Flipull’ for Game Boy Original — 1990

(Source: Blogspot/ gameboyoriginal)

Photo via gameboyoriginal/Blogspot

Clearly, the writers of the advertisement have THEIR brains upside down.

10) Game Boy Pocket — 1996


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It’s a Game Boy Color! Not some sugary candy that will stain your tongue — rather, you’ve stained your precious eyes from seeing this freaky advertisement.

11) Virtual Boy by Nintendo — 1995


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Photo by farnea/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) 


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*First Published: Jun 17, 2014, 7:00 am CDT